FOCUS Mission Foundation

Your Impact Today and for Decades to Come

About the FOCUS Mission Foundation

The FOCUS Mission Foundation began with the intent to know Christ Jesus and fulfill His Great Commission. Its purpose is to share FOCUS opportunities with supporters, enabling them to engage in the New Evangelization and fulfill their philanthropic priorities. The FOCUS Mission Foundation does this by offering more sophisticated and complex giving methods for donors, as well as supporting those who wish to make major investments in the mission.

Providing exceptional service and care for benefactors, the FOCUS Mission Foundation protects and supports the work of FOCUS, whose unparalleled growth continues to require resources for innovative and expansive ideas to help reach the world for Christ.

The Foundation has invested in both staff and strategic partners to provide high-quality asset management. Our stewardship of resources for FOCUS continues to be of utmost importance.

Together, we can support our children, our faith, and our country with the truths of the Catholic Church not only today but for decades to come.

Board of Directors

Craig Miller

Chief Executive, FOCUS Mission Foundation

Curtis Martin

CEO & Founder, FOCUS

Bill Newland

Chairman, Hercules Industries, Inc.

David Fischer

President, St. Joseph G.P., LLC

Margot Kyd

Retired Executive, Sempra Energy

Fred Clark

Founder of Pacific Equity Management & President of the Casillas Foundation

Julie Kraemer

Formerly with Citicorp Commercial Lend

Why the Foundation?

Protection of FOCUS

By God's grace and the generosity of many supporters, FOCUS has experienced significant growth since its beginning in 1998. The development of the FOCUS Mission Foundation will isolate FOCUS' operational risks to corresponding income and assets.


Management of assets is core to the mission of the FOCUS Mission Foundation. As such, strategic partnerships and investment in personnel will help offer quality care and stewardship of resources. As the Foundation provides protection and innovation for mission, supporters can be assured their investment in mission will be fruitful not only today and for decades to come.

How FOCUS is Funded

FOCUS and local dioceses and Newman centers partner together to invest in the mission on campus.

The Funding Model for Mission on Campus

  • Local Diocese/Newman Center: 25%
  • Missionary Fundraising: 50%
  • National Development Efforts (Partnership with FMF): 25%

Your Impact Today and for Decades to Come

Each year, the FOCUS Mission Foundation will provide funding to support FOCUS and the New Evangelization. Your investment today not only offers stability but also the necessary resources to reach the world for Christ right now. Built with the intent to respond to and support innovative ideas, the FOCUS Mission Foundation (and you!) will give FOCUS a variety of outlets for fulfilling the Great Commission.